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Dr Hassan Awil Yusuf Dhif


Consultant Interventional Cardiologist

Educational background

  • Egyptian Fellowship Board OF Cardiology from 15-08-2016 till 2021-11-13.
  • Specialist at National Heart Institute from 20-08-2020 till 13-11-2021.
  • Resident at National Heart Institute from 15- 08-2018 till 14-08-2020.
  • Resident at Nasr Insurance Hospitals from 15-08-2016 to 14-08-2018.
  • Internship Training from Ainshams University Hospital 2015-2016.
  • Bachelor degree Ainshams University from 2007-9-5 till 2014-12-6.
  • El nour high secondry school 2006-6-7.
  • Transthoracic Echocardiography and TEE from 31-08-2019 to 21-9-2020.
  • ALS Courses European Resuscitation Council 2019-6-(4-8)
  • Balloon Mitral Valvuloplasty Workshop courses.
  • New Guideline Management STEMI Workshop
  • Hypertension Workshop (Cairo-Egypt)
  • CTO Work shop (Cairo-Egypt)
  • What you need to know from PCI (Cairo-Egypt)
  • Pacemaker technique and management workshop
  • Device Therapy Work shop (Cairo-Egypt)
  • Electrophysiology Work Shop (Cairo-Egypt)
  • Programing ICD work shop (Cairo-Egypt)
  • TAVI workshop(Cairo-Egypt)
  • Trans radial approach Coronary angiography Work shop.
  • Complications of PCI management work shop (Cairo-Egypt).
  • 3D Echocardiography management workshop. (Cairo-Egypt).
  • Rehabilitation Program in Heart Failure and the needs (Cairo-Egypt).
  • Ecg in Stress reading and pitfalls (Cairo-Egypt).

Professional experience:

  • Specialist at National Heart Institute catheterization Laboratories from 2020-09 to 2021-11-13.
  • Specialist of elective per cutaneous coronary intervention department from 2020-09 to 2021-03-5.
  • Coordinator of primary per cutaneous coronary intervention emergency on Monday unit.
  • Cardiologist at Critical Cardiac Care Unit at National Heart Institute from 2021-04-20 to 2021-10-20.
  • Cardiologist At National Heart Institute at PRIMARY PERCUATANEOUS CORONARY INTERVENTION CARE UNIT.(2020-08-17 to 2021-04-18).
  • Cardiologist at National Heart Institute at Emergency Department from 2020-08-17 till 2021-11-13.
  • Echocardiography specialist at Emergency Department of National Heart Institute from 2020-4- 6 to 2021-11-10.
  • Resident At National Heart Institute From (2018-08- 15 till 2020-08-14) for the different departments of Emergency, Cardiac care units ,Primary cardiac care units, Intermediate care units and Critical cardiac units.
  • Resident Echocardiography department of pre and post-operative Valve Heart Diseases and Electrophysiology department from 2019-6-7 to 2020-6-8 .
  • Resident El Nasr Insurance Hospitals from (2016-08- 15 till 2018-08-14) The Whole internal Medicine Departments as rotations of e.g Emergency ,Cardiac, Chest, Endocrine , Hematology ,Neurology ,Nephrology ,Intermediate Care Units and Intensive Care Units).
  • Senior Intensive care units at Heliopolis Hospitals 2017-2-3 to 2018-3-8.
  • Senior Intensive Care Units at Doa Hospitals in Cairo from 2018-4-4 to 2021-11-13.
  • Internship year At ain sham University Hospitals in Cairo 2015-2-5 to 2016-2-6.